In my last post, I sensed that our wish to “turn the corner” of Covid might be something to hold lightly.  But still, I hoped that we might be heading toward a better year ahead. And we still can. Now,…
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Turning the Corner

What year is it? I don’t always know, let alone the day, how I feel, or where I’m heading. It seems that as we turn the corner of this pandemic – still in it, but perhaps with the worst behind…
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Trauma in a Time of Covid & Civil Unrest

Some of you may be weary from a week of protesting, from braving the pandemic to express your pain and outrage.  We have seen the grizzly image of an innocent man, handcuffed and lying prone to the ground, killed as…
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A Way Through

Dear Friends, What a moment in time this is!  If you’re freaking out and turning into a compulsive hand-washer and person of other sudden anxiety-fueled borderline nutty rituals (must buy another box of noodles!), do not despair.  You are not…
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Happy New Year 2020

Transitioning into 2020

Dear Friends, In the last few days more than one person has asked me how I cope with the upheaval – political, environmental, etc. – of this past year.  How do you survive a psycho-social hurricane?  Here are a few…
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How to Counter Betrayal with Compassion

The Impact of Betrayal

If you are reeling from the events of these past weeks, not because of their woeful indication of untreated mental illness at the helm of the U.S. political system and a passive, complicit political party allowing for chronically outrageous and…
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Patience and Compassion

Dear Friends, This is a poignant day, and for some, a strange one. It stirs questions – how to carry forward our history, including shocking loss, so much unexpected pain, and structures of all kinds we thought were solid coming…
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Trauma in Buddhist Community

After a summer of extended retreat, I came back to learn of the latest allegations of Sogyal Rinpoche’s severe misconduct. Perhaps like those of you who have spent much of your life in Buddhist communities, I’ve been deeply distressed by…
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