Mondays – October 2022 to March 2023
6:30pm – 8pm EST

Online Course
Hosted by All Souls Unitarian Church in NYC

In Buddhist teachings, the Skillful Means (upaya) are a colorful invitation for teachers to reflect on how best to offer the healing methods and insights in the Buddhist tradition given the needs of a particular group. In this six-class series, Dr. Pilar Jennings will explore what it means to practice the Buddhist ethics of loving-kindness and compassion during times of acute duress.  We will consider the ways in which we might best practice this tradition in a world informed by social media, polarization, and the ripple effects of a pandemic. As a template for this conversation, we’ll reflect on the six Paramitas (perfections), those qualities thought to nurture a clear mind and open heart, as we think through how to develop these qualities while navigating the continued challenges of our time.

  •  10/17 – Skillful Means in 2022: What does Buddhism look like in the West?  What might it become?
  • 11/14 – Generosity in a time of individualism
  • 12/5 – Ethics & Patience: How to tolerate suffering with equanimity
  • 01/09 – Joyous Effort: How to celebrate the happiness of others
  • 02/06 – Meditation: Calm Abiding – How to help the mind find a place of stability and rest
  • 03/06 – Wisdom: Seeing clearly, working with reality

Offerings on a sliding scale are requested for this course
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