Dec 15, 2022 – Dec 17, 2023: Buddhism and Psychotherapy: A Healing Partnership

Buddhism and Psychotherapy: A Healing Partnership
A BCBS Path Program with Pilar Jennings

Meets via Zoom: Month on Tuesdays for 90 minutes
December 15, 2022 through December 17, 2023

Join this year-long program which explores the meeting point of Buddhist psychology and Western psychotherapy. For more than half a century, there’s been a growing interest in the relevance of Buddhist meditation and psychology to psychodynamic treatment.

Carl Jung, along with Karen Horney, Nina Coltart, and many others across clinical orientations, have explored how a Western psychotherapeutic approach to healing could be enhanced by a Buddhist understanding of suffering and its end. Together we will explore how these contrasting traditions approach the roots of personal and collective suffering, and how their complementary though divergent methods offer increased opportunities for healing when used in tandem.

Prerequisites: None, although some prior exposure to Buddhist meditation and the healing arts will be helpful.